The 3 startups that will represent India at the Entrepreneurship World Cup

Over the last few months, the MiSK Foundation and The Global Education and Leadership Foundation  (tGLEF)  had been hunting across multiple cities in India to find the best entrepreneurs of the country.
An initiative by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the Entrepreneurship World Cup aims to develop over 100k startups from a total of 100 countries. This will bring together the world’s top entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and other ecosystem stakeholders.
Amongst 31K applications from across India, the top 20 startups competed for the top 3 spots in a bid to represent the country at the global competition to be held in Riyadh in November. These selected entrepreneurs were guided by leading mentors of the ecosystem towards perfecting their pitches based on their teams.
The top 20 startups that competed in Delhi pitched their products in front of a panel of judges including Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, Ramanan Ramanathan, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission, and Nikhil Sinha, MD at GSVLabs among others and nearly an audience of 150 venture capitalists, who then selected the top 3 startups that are going to represent India at the Entrepreneurship World Cup.
The Entrepreneurship World Cup is a battleground for the most innovative startups, 10 Indian startups in the second round pitched their products and services across various industries such as aerospace, health-tech, defence, electric mobility and much more. This was an opportunity where the winner would go home with prizes up to $5 million and access to investment capital.
The three startups that will represent India are:

  • Pandorum Technologies, is a startup in the biotech was founded in the year 2011 by Arun Chandru and Tuhin Bhowmick and works to design and manufacture functional human tissues majorly for medical research and therapeutic application purpose. This startup was the one which took away the grand $5 million prize.
  • Ethereal Machines works in the deeptech sector. Founded 3 years back in 2016 by Kaushik Buddha and Navin Jain it is headquartered in Bengaluru. Ethereal works to make 3D printers and 5-Axis computer numerical control machines, which aid machines in moving a part or cutting tool along 5 different axis simultaneously, ensuring greater precision.
  • Bambrew, a startup in the food-tech sector has recently been founded last year, in 2018 by Akash Kansal and Vaibhav Anant, which manufactures bamboo straws, cutlery and packaging material through collaboration with tribals in Northeast.

Alongside the EWC, the tGLEF team also hosted a challenge focused on social entrepreneurship, selecting 3 startups – Janitri, Innovision and Impact Guru to pitch their ideas. Ultimately, Innovision, which creates a Braille keyboard for the visually impaired was declared as the winner.
Authored by Mehak Panjabi , Content Developer(StartUp Monk)

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