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It is not dangerous to tell people your idea. The truly good ideas don’t sound like they are worth stealing. The hardest part about coming up with great ideas, is that the best ideas often look terrible at the beginning.

Highlight of the Program: 

One-on-One session with the Mentor/Expert.

Idea Validation Module

Idea identification and assessment. Identify your idea and assess it with respect to your potential customers and the market environment. 


By the end of this module you will be able to validate your idea. And will be answer following questions for your idea.

Technical & Market Feasibility (Does the need exist?)

a. What pain point are you solving for?

b. Who are you solving this problem for?

c. How are you going to solve the problem?

d. Is anyone else doing it? How are customers currently solving for their problems?

e. Can you do it differently from them

Financial Feasibility (Can you monetize the idea?)

a. Would your customers pay for your solution to the particular problem?

b. How big is the market? How many customers would potentially pay for your solution?


Who can attend:

Entrepreneurs who are at the idea stage, early execution stage. Who has identified the consumer problem but unable to turn it into a concrete business plan.


Idea Validation

Identification of Idea and Idea Assessment:

• Identifying an Idea
• Assessing the Idea

Identifying Target Segment and Market Sizing:

• Understanding your Target Segment
• Sizing the Market

Analyzing Environment and Competitive Advantage

• Analyzing Environment
• Understanding Industry
• Competitive Advantage

Duration: 4 – Hours

Sessions: 2 Sessions (2 x 2 hours)

Medium: English & Hindi (mixed)

Format: Lecture, Case Studies, Audio & Visual content, Self – Assessment Assignments, Learning Shared by Guest Entrepreneurs

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students say...

Just wonderful. Best session for any aspiring entrepreneurs or students who want to be an Entrepreneur.
Startup Monk School
Ayush Sharma
Para Medical Student
The module was brief but it covered all the factors of Idea validation. The support of mentor even after the session was good. Self assessment assignments were given. Which proved to be a really good tool for idea validation.
Startup Monk School
Pathange balaji rao
Management student

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Sivesh Kumar
Sivesh kumar

ABout the trainer

Sivesh turns startups into profitable businesses, strategic consults for startups, and helps them use the available resources to generate traction, revenue, profitability and their overall bottom lines. He is in Board of Several Startups and also heads the Startup Monk Accelerator.

Sivesh recently founded “StartUp Monk”, where he is trying to bring all stakeholders of the startup ecosystem on a single platform. He enjoys raising startups and moving forward to the next one and loves his dividends at the end of the year. Sivesh started with three failed startups before making the self-sustainable one. Which makes him an expert on what one shouldn’t do while running a start-up.