[Feature Story] :- KaryaMitr, connecting blue and grey collar workers to their dream jobs

Link to the website: www.karyamitr.com

Job search app for job seekers: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.karyamitr.workseekers

Business app for Employers: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.karyamitr.businesses


KaryaMitr is a budding startup that aims to provide blue and grey collar workers with the best available employment opportunities by connecting them directly to companies ranging from MSMEs, small scale shops to big corporates therefore eliminating the need for paying to placement agencies and often fruitless hunt for a job suitable to their skillset.


KaryaMitr has been founded by Sanchayan Paul, an XLRI graduate and Chandresh Bihani with a vision of providing livelihood to the less fortunate. Coming from a small industrial mining town called Dhanbad in Jharkhand, Sanchayan often saw the hardships and struggles of the less fortunate around him. He was deeply influenced by his father, a lawyer by profession who often dealt in labour cases, and who used to selflessly help the poor labourers that approached him. This empathetic nature became the cornerstone on which Sanchayan built this venture. After his corporate stint in renowned companies like Reliance Petroleum, Thomson Reuters and Vodafone, his burning desire to venture out on his own and help the lesser fortunate, made him quit and start KaryaMitr.


KaryaMitr’s job portal is 100% free for job seekers and they can easily search and just click a button to get connected to the most suitable employment opportunity. Job Seekers can use the web application at www.karyamitr.com or download the job Search App from
They do not have to pay any charges for using these platforms.


For employers,  KaryaMitr works on a subscription based model who could subscribe for a specific period of time. Employers and recruiters can download the KaryaMitr for Businesses app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.karyamitr.businesses and start hiring.


Identifying the lack of formal education among the blue and grey collar workers, KaryaMitr came up with effective and innovative ways to help the job seekers best express themselves in their resume. These include the use of popular and simple icons portraying gender, the type of job, city where they want to work, and the different types of skillset the job seeker is adept in. KaryaMitr also came up with the concept of video resumes to help the job seekers better connect with the employers making it easier for both the parties to reach a conclusive decision. Further, they employed the usage of SMS to reach out to those who didn’t have smartphones.


KaryaMitr is also working on skill enhancement courses for job seekers in varying fields like English communication, sales pitch and how to handle customers so as to groom them and make them better able to meet the job requirements in this ever competitive job market. 


During this recent COVID-19 crisis, KaryaMitr, for a whole month, reached out to different hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical shops and connected them to over 500 skilled healthcare workers without even charging the employer.


KaryaMitr started out in Mumbai and has gradually expanded to multiple cities in the country. KaryaMitr is dedicatedly working with the core mission in mind to help any candidate get connected to at least one viable employer and in the same manner they want to connect an employer to at least a few suitable candidates. The goal KaryaMitr strives for is connecting at least 50 million of the 400 million blue and grey collar workers and over 100,000 employers using their platform and help in upskilling at least 15 million workers using their skill enhancement courses.

– Authored by Alan Jose

  Content Head, StartupMonk

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