Have you ever visited a farm? Have you every buy fruits and vegetables directly from the farmer? Are you fed with the high prices of fruits and vegetables and chemical based essential products like grains, staples, dairy products, beauty products etc. HomeBox is an e-commerce online organic and essential products delivery platform that plans to connect farmers products organic producers directly with the vendors and customers. Buyers can order chemical free products and fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farmers and organic companies. HomeBox not only connect it’s buyers to the farmers but also provide the products in a very lesser price than buying in the market or a “sabji madi” with return policies and various other offers.

With the increased high rates of essential products and groceries, it’s becoming harder for middle class family to feed themselves. Apart from that, there is so many mixing of chemicals to make things tasty and attractive which has destroyed the natural beauty of the products and thus creating a harmful effect on the Human Body. There in such a secenario HomeBox appears as a lifeline for it’s users and also for the vendors reducing high commision charges cost by the brokers/agents to the farmers or producers which results in increased price rate in the market.

HomeBox is easy-to-access and free–to-use unique platform which allow it’s buyers to buy a huge range of essential and organic products from a single platform with a doorstep delivery feature and exclusive return policies.

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