We are myCruiseOn Technologies Private Limited, based in Bangalore/Pune. We are software products development company registered in December 2015.


We have conceptualized, prototyped, developed and successfully deployed our product to one of the 3rd largest transportation provider in UK/US. Our fleet management solution focuses on mass transportation for both public and private applications, like employee transportation, multi segment transportation, that can be deployed as a full stack or as a web-only product. The landscape of transportation has changed in the last 5 years. The ability to easily, quickly, transparently and consistently book their travel is the key to any transportation provider.


mCruiseOn understands the trends of today and that help ensuring adoption and retention for our customers and their consumers. Costs of running operations includes the cost of fuel theft, tampering of equipment like odometers and their inability to track real time the quality of service offered by their drivers / dispatchers. We offer a one stop solution to integrate IOT’s, record and analyze crucial data real-time, and provide offline analytics reports for detailed review and inspections.


Operational Efficiency can severely impact profit margins can be greatly influenced by optimizing their fleet deployment by real time rostering. The importance of keeping the system transparent includes prompt communication to the passengers to ensure low level of escalations. We offer real time capacity information to enable decision making just before the vehicle starts. Billing real time is the need of the hour. Providing flexibility of travel to employee’s to get off at any stop (on their way home) is an important aspect of satisfaction. Correctly billing the employee while ensuring transparency is crucial. Every customer is unique for our customer.


Each customer has their own specific needs and expectations. Our product is highly configurable real time to ensure that our customers can offer their “differentiator” to their customers. Quality Of Service, is important for the employee. Knowing where the ride is and an ETA helps plan the time it takes to reach the busstop. Live tracking and Playback go hand in hand, for adding significant load on the system. We the advanced cloud based services to ensure that performance is not impacted while the system scales.


@ BuzTransit BuzTransit is our end to end, full stack solution that offers a one stop shop for all the IT needs of the employee transport business. Our solution offers mobile solutions for passengers and drivers, IOT’s for vehicles, web solutions for passengers, dispatchers and business owners inclusive of L1 and L2 support. Our solution is highly configurable and provides a stable dispatcher’s/management console. Along with a uber experience to their customer with features like live tracking, payments, boarding, alerts and notifications. The solution is offered on both PAAS and SAAS platforms. The highly configurable product enables the dispatcher to personalize the experience, decide on the limits and extremes of their business rules. - Just In Time Rostering, helps the business optimize its fleet utilization based on capacity. - Automated support interactions help reduce the cost of L1 operations. - Live Tracking ensures transparency to the consumer and the dispatcher. - Integration with 3rd party hardware devices (smartphones and IOT’s) - A instantaneous and responsive search engine is key to business.

Most negative feedback is received while the application is being used on the home screen.

- Seat booking, payments, and reservation system.

- Asset Management, devices, smartphones/tablets, 3rd party devices, drivers, vehicles.

- Passenger boarding, identity management for assured security. - Business Intelligence for optimization of routes

- Operational and financial compliance reporting (real-time and offline)

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