Motherhuts was founded in late 2019 by Viren Roy Chetal & Gobinda Malakar when they were working for an organization together. The organization did not provide lunch in the afternoon which was problematic and they on a daily basis had to spend time deciding what to order and which was leading to an unhealthy diet. They saw this as a problem which is much bigger and there is a large crowd out there which is facing the same problem.

Spending around 150 to 250 rupees for a one time meal on a daily basis is something which can be difficult for an employee or student who is studying outside, moreover, the biggest problem is the unhealthy food that is being promoted and people are forced to order online from restaurants or go out which is time killing.

This is when they came up with the solution of bringing home-cooked food which is actually delivered straight from the home kitchen and sell it at a minimal cost to the pubic outside, especially the corporate world. It is very obvious for you to miss home food when you are staying away from home.

Motherhuts empower and provide feasible income options to women who are home-makers, Motherhuts lets them dig in their passion for cooking and delivering yummy, tasty, healthy food.
The food that they provide is prepared by them are in their own house, they put in a lot of effort to make the food fresh, healthy and we deliver their efforts in neatly packed meal boxes.

Our home chefs offer North Indian & South Indian meals: Lunch and dinner are provided to customers through a subscription model. A specific time will be set for the delivery in a day and our delivery boy will pick up the order from the home kitchen and deliver it to the customer. Every day our customers experience a meal box delivery, packed with freshness, quality, care & hygiene.

How Motherhuts works:

● We offer three subscription plans, 15 meals, 30 meals, and 45 meals with a validity of 30, 60, and 90 days respectively.
● Anyone who is interested in subscribing to any of these plans can visit our
a mobile-friendly website and subscribe to the plan by filling all the required details and making an online payment.
● People who want to be a part of Motherhuts as a cook can directly register on the website and our team will contact the person to move ahead with the formalities.

The journey so far:

● We have expanded across three regions in Bangalore wherein we have started our operations

● We have successfully onboarded five home kitchens in Bangalore and are delivering to 25+ customers to date.

● We are building a strong core team and bringing people to the company with a different set of skills and knowledge who can help us build a better service and experience for the customers and be a part of the overall growth of the company.

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