About TEB

TEB is a premier organization of Delhi University, situated in the College of Vocational Studies, which strives to develop as well as enhance the entrepreneurial skills of the students. It provides a platform to present potential business ideas and helps them in incubation so as to give a push in the right direction. It helps the students to experience different fields and gives them the opportunity to learn about them by providing exposure to the real world. For a better idea of what TEB does as a society, check out the web page,


Youth Conclave
Youth Conclave is a state of the art event organised in Delhi University, which brings together different people and their talents. It is a mixture of cultural and academic activities, in which several speakers have been invited from various fields to interact with the students or as we say 'youth' about their experiences to inspire and to have fun at the same time.

TEB participated in NEC, which is the National Entrepreneurship Challenge organized by IIT-Bombay wherein several top-level E-Cell societies from all over the country compete for the title of top E-Cell. Our society was among the top finalists from over 100 applications by completing challenges as set by the host and had competed for head to head with E-Cells in IIT, Bombay.

Negocio is the flagship event of TEB, which is organized on a massive scale, the event starts with the Best Entrepreneur Competition which tests the knowledge of participants in real-life situations which is fun and educational at the same time. The second competition is the B-Plan competition where startups are invited to pitch their ideas to investors to try and impress them with their business ideas.

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