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Your journey starts here

The aim of the programme is to give knowledge of the necessary fundamentals that will help you in starting and running a successful business. 

With the help of 6 modules of fundamentals. You will go through different concepts, questions, and answers, to help get clarity on how to begin your own entrepreneurial journey. 

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Sivesh Kumar
Sivesh kumar


Combination of Experts and Entrepreneurs

Learn concept and framework from eminent faculty and Industry participants. And Learning’s from India’s top entrepreneurs, it will help you to learn real-life successes and Failures from the top Indian entrepreneurs across domains. 

Divided into three categories Idea Validation, Finance and Legal, and Pitching and Funding. Each will be headed by the Industry Expert.

raise your startup with us

Idea validation

Idea identification and assessment. Identify your idea and assess it with respect to your potential customers and the market environment. 


building a leagl foundation

Define the right legal foundation for your company and explore fundamentals like Company Registration, Compliance, Intellectual Property Right ( IPR ) etc.

understanding finance basic

Understanding the fundamentals of Finance and Accounting comprising of Financial statements, break even, Management Information System ( MIS ) etc.

business planning

Learn how to build an effective Business plan for your venture with us. Learn what to account and what to leave while building the Business plan.

fundraising and valuation

Understand an Investor’s mindset on matters of company valuation, fundraising and stages of funding, equity dilution among other things.  

pitching and termsheets

Learn how to pitch ( pitch components ) your company to investors and identify the key focus areas of in term sheets ( term sheet components ).

Included Module

Idea validation - the first step

Identify your idea and assess it with respect to your potential customer and the Market environment.

Why us?
Not funding, nor Business model, neither Idea alone will guarantee success. Success of any startup depends on a lot of factors. Find with us at Startup Monk Shcool
Startup Funding
Right Business Model
Startup Idea
Startup Team
Market Timing
"Ideas are easy, implementation is hard" Guy kawasaki

alumni comments

Startup Monk School
The best program I ever attended. It Doesn't seem that you are learning from Mr Sivesh Sir. It was a quiet open session in which you are free to ask questions and queries in between. Sivesh Sir was more like a friend during the program. You can easily ask and even connect with him anytime. He was always there to mentor you.Sivesh Sir covers all the aspects of the idea validation and explains them so easily with examples. Just wonderful. Now wondering how time flies during the session. Best session for any aspiring entrepreneurs or students who want to be an Entrepreneur.

Ayush Sharma

Idea Validation Module Student