App of the Day : StockEdge launches 'StockEdge Club', India's first virtual club for stock market

StockEdge, a leading stock market data analytics company has today introduced its newest offering: the StockEdge Club, which is an online community built exclusively for stock market enthusiasts, traders and investors.
StockEdge Club is an extension of the StockEdge App, which has been India’s fastest-growing and highest rated  stock market data analytics app over the past two years, being downloaded more than 1.5 million times on the Google Play and Apple Store. 
While revealing this platform, Mr Vivek Bajaj, Co-Founder of StockEdge said –

 StockEdge Club is a revolutionary offering that will take the experience of participating in the market to the next level. It embodies our belief that continuous interaction and flow of information is crucial for achieving success in the stock markets. We have tried to make the interface of StockEdge Club as interactive as possible so that even market participants with limited knowledge of computers can use it easily”.

The StockEdge Club is a first of its kind in India community in India, which seeks to democratize the flow of information to and from the market participants.

 It also features seamless integration with the StockEdge App, so that users can benefit can be a triangular flow of information from the app, knowledge inputs from the team of its sister concern Elearnmarkets, and user-generated opinions and discussions.”

As per the company, access to StockEdge Club will be made available to anyone interested in learning more about the various financial market and will also include details and information about active stock market participants whereas the likes of mutual fund investors, distributors, brokers, fund managers and market enthusiasts can become a member of this community.
 They will be able to follow and/or be followed by relevant stock market enthusiasts and the discussions will revolve around the stock markets. Focus is being given to make the platform clutter and spam-free so that the users can have the best experience possible.
Furthermore, users can create interactive dashboards and customize them with information about stocks and topics that he or she may be interested in. For those who like to be involved in the community at a deeper level, it has easy access to trending topics and stocks being talked about, which in turn will help in identifying which stocks are currently hot in the market.
Some additional features of this new app would include the –

  • Ability to take part in stock market discussions and ideas through posts, comments or shares via images/charts, video, audio and documents (PDF)
  • Access to Clubs where exclusive content, ideas and knowledge will be shared by the users as well as the team of Elearnmarkets.
  • Ability to search stock-specific discussions as well as posts made by a user.

Currently, access to StockEdge Club has been given to a closed group of users and soon the membership will be extended to other users as well.
Authored by Manan Trivedi, Head of Content(StartUp Monk)

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