US-based Blockchain startup Acoer helps fight against Coronavirus

 The blockchain application startup Acoer founded in Atlanta, Georgia is applying its blockchain-based technology ‘Hedera Hashgraph’ to help healthcare organisations in tracking and predicting the spread of the Coronavirus. 
While there has been no confirmation on how the deadly Coronavirus into existence, it is predicted that it is an evolved version of a virus responsible for causing Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). SARS took the lives of 800 people around the world in 2002. Some of the experts are also arguing that it first affected bats and was then transferred to humans.
The recently originated Coronavirus has claimed 400+ lives throughout the world and 10 thousand cases of epidemic including 3 from Kerala, India. The state government has declared the outbreak as a state disaster. Moreover, WHO has already declared this outbreak as a global emergency. Also, the Indian government has brought back over 600 students studying in the Wuhan province in China.
The virus which originated from China’s Wuhan City has triggered the appearance of various welfare organisations which are working together to battle Coronavirus. 
One such organisation is a Georgia-based developer of blockchain-enabled applications-Acoer led by Jim Nasr, CEO. Acoer is providing blockchain technology to healthcare and life sciences institutes to easily track and visualise the outbreak.
The platform provides real-time information related to Coronavirus including confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries per hundred infections, and trends over time. All this information is provided in interactive designs with dynamic sort and filtering options.
Acoer’s HashLog dashboard uses Hedera Hashgraph’s technology, which is based on blockchain. Using a wide set of public data, including data from the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), the HashLog dashboard provides real-time information to track the global epidemic.
This helps researchers, scientists, and journalists to easily understand the spread of this deadly virus and predict trends of its spread as time goes by. 

Sharat Chandra, MVP Hashgraph ambassador at Hedera Hashgraph, said that it’s important to have a single source of reliable information when the whole world is battling the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to Mr. Chandra, the number of infected people will only increase as time goes by and therefore technologies such as Hashgraph need to lead the way for the safety of humanity.

Authored by Soham Angal, Content Head (Startup Monk)

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